About Us

The Beginning
     My husband and I started with our first Australian Shepherd in 2003 with a chance encounter with a blue merle ball of fluff from Bayshore kennel (Thank-you Frank and Chris!). We had done our research, but were still so amazed at how smart and attentive Ms. Moxie was. She still continues to amaze us everyday, and we couldn't ask for a better Grand Dam (although she is spayed) of Kyanite Acres. 
     A year later I happened upon Bofelli's website and noticed that they had a litter, and I was very interested in showing a dog in conformation among other activities. I contacted Nadine and David and had her send me photos of a blue merle male that she thought would be a great show prospect (I also needed them to convince my husband that we needed another aussie - thank-you sweetie!). 

Kyan has been a dream to show from the beginning, he is a sweet guy who would like nothing more than to please me and he is now finished his AKC title with the help of Reggie Moorehead! We will are starting tracking as I think this will be a great fit for him.  Moxie and I have been dabbling in agility, but I think her heart really lies in playing Frisbeee  which she excels at. Laika and I have started agility and it is apparent that she will be handler impaired, she is so quick and accurate.Opal and Quinn are working on their AKC championships and hopefully will be starting agility and possibly rally soon. I am an active member of BRASC, ASCA and a charter member of Working Aussies of Virginia. I have been very fortunate to have met many wonderful people in this breed and hope to meet many more.  We are located in Northern Virginia, near Dulles airport.

The Future
We have plans to be hobby breeders, but first I plan to continue to learn and research the breed, the health problems that afflict them,and alternative holistic ways to help my dogs thrive. I also hope to preserve the natural instinct that made this breed such an asset to the cattleman and sheep herder.
 We have purchased 25 acres in Dillwyn, Virginia (pictured below is the cabin on the property ) to realize this dream and as one of the largest kyanite mines is located in Dillwyn, we thought Kyanite Acres was very fitting.
We have been actively working to make the dream come true and you can see the result on Norman's blog at www.kafarm.blogspot.com I hope that with the help of some great mentors that I can produce and raise naturally reared, superior animals.