Above Average Aussies

"Where all of the aussies are above average"? Why, you may be asking, do I find it necessary to tout such a claim?
First, this started out as a tongue in cheek homage to Garrison Keillor’s marvelous public radio program “Lake Wobegon – Where the women are strong, the men are good looking and all of the children are above average.” We thought it was an appropriate, albeit funny way to get the point across that at Kyanite Acres – the women are strong, the men are good looking and all of the aussies (our children) are above average.
Well, this got us thinking, ARE our aussies above average? Simply put, yes. Our animal companions are raised eating a species appropriate (yes, they are carnivores) whole prey diet. They are minimally vaccinated, allowing their own immune systems to react and build naturally, not breaking it down with man-made toxins. They are exposed to many different environments and stimuli, enriching and strengthening their life force to battle many maladies and threats. Our animal companions live indoors and sleep in our bedroom. We care so much about them and their happiness that we were willing to think outside of the box for alternative ways to fulfill our willing obligation to them. Even though we have a good relationship with our DVM, we rarely need to visit, this year it will be for a healthy dog exam and heartworm test. So not only is treating our companions in a holistic way healthier for them, it is more economical to boot!
As we look forward, we know that this path of health is an obvious and logical choice and that we look forward to someday breeding above average aussies.