Shephard is owned and very loved by the Elliott family in California. Shep, as he is known isĀ  in obedience training and has already far exceeded everyone expectations. Here is a quote directly from Shep's mom: We LOOOOOOVE him
so much!!! And we aren't the only ones. The entire neighborhood
loves him, the vet and the trainer drool over him. Following are
just SOME of the quotes we have heard lately.

Neighborhood Stranger. " Ya know, I don't like dogs, but Shep has
stole my heart.

Another neighbor. "Shep is the talk of the neighborhood"

Trainer. "Now class, don't feel bad if your dog doesn't respond like
Shep does."

Shep's training is going great. He is obviously teachers pet, and he
far exceeds our expectations and the other puppies aren't even close
to having his ability.

I look forward to receiving ongoing updates from the family on this wonderful guy!